Services - KSE Photography

I am just starting my photography business and I have not yet determined a price schedule for my services. I ensure you that my rates will be in line with my experience and the quality of product that I can deliver. I will be happy to discuss your unique situation to see if we can get together on a price that will work for you.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are unhappy with your photos I will re-shoot them for free or refund your money!

Travel time to location: I will travel to your location for free provided it is with in a 30-minute drive from my house or location. I will charge a small hourly rate for any travel time exceeding this 30-minute radius.


I am a different type of photographer. I don't sell prints or packages and charge you extra for the digital files. I don’t believe in this business model. You will pay for my time as a photographer at the rate listed below. 

Portraits will be taken on location of your choice: (Hourly rate to be determined)

Post-processed, retouched, high resolution files provided to customer at no extra charge.

Special Events

Since no two events are the same it is difficult to determine a price schedule. Contact me and we can discuss the details.