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Kyle and Julia

After raising 2 children and sending them off to college and careers I am rediscovering a passion of my youth. Then my interests were nature, landscapes and sports photography and I really thought that would be the avenue I would pursue as an adult. However, after taking some corporate headshots for a company I discovered I really like portraiture and photographing people.

I have spent the last year taking photos every opportunity I get. I continually participate in online training in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and spent several hours practicing post production in both of environments. When I am not working with my own images I am looking at the work of other photographers. I don’t do this to copy their work but to use it as a measuring stick of my own.

I am very critical of my work. If I don’t like it I won’t charge for it. The work I provide to my customers, I hope will be viewed and judged by many. I believe every image I provide is an advertisement to potential customers. Therefore, it does not benefit me to provide anything less than my best. It is extremely important to me that my customers are happy with the images I provide! Their happiness is the true joy of portrait photography.

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